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 Cooper has officially completed his training program with the amazing crew at Jet Set University and the ladies there bragged about how wonderful, charming, and of course, spunky he was throughout his time in their care. Cooper has been leash reactive since we’ve known him but this new Coop? Not a chance! He completed group classes with other dogs and is now a master of “place”, went on walkabouts where he perfected “heel”, and even went to the skate park where people and things with wheels were all around him and he didn’t exhibit not one instance of reactivity. We took him to a local pet store to celebrate his graduation and were so impressed with his knowledge and skill set. We are SO PROUD of this little man (don’t tell him that we called him that) and cannot wait to watch him continue to grow into the well mannered, amazing guy we always knew he could be. In order to continue thriving and maintain the training structure he needs, Cooper is desperately searching for a foster home. Training classes and gear, constant support, and unconditional love from quite literally the cutest guy alive are included! Unfortunately Cooper is back in boarding and will continue to wait patiently for the right home to open its doors for him. We’d so hate for all of this progress to have been in vain and fear that he will regress the longer he is there and are hoping to find a foster home for him ASAP. Cooper’s ideal home is one where someone can be home with him the majority of the day, without the stressors of other animals and young children. If you feel like you are the right foster or better YET, the right adopter for Cooper, please don’t hesitate to reach out! 

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