Why should you adopt from us?

Swamp Haven takes the valued time to learn about each and every dog before placing them in a situation that might not be best suited for their specific needs – we want to ensure that each dog is getting paired with the perfect future home, not only for the dogs themselves, but for the families looking to find their soul mutt. Swamp Haven fosters an environment where families and their new dog can confidently grow together by offering continued support, education, and resources thus building lasting relationships.

Tori Christensen (left), Chelsea Fisher (right)

Our Story

Working together at DogTown USA St. Augustine for 5+ years, has given us the ability to see how multifaceted the dog world is – and just how many different personalities there are within the multitude of dog breeds out there. It started with rehoming a few owner surrenders, then snowballed into helping other rescues house, socialize, and advertise their dogs that were up for adoption, before we found ourselves falling in love with helping underprivileged dogs in need. As our passions grew, we inevitably found our niche, and are now pulling dogs in dire need from shelters where their fate remains unknown, or where dogs are getting euthanized for space. DogTown provided us with the opportunity to utilize our experience in the boarding industry to understand each dog’s individual needs, and place them in the perfect home accordingly. With that knowledge, we have fully immersed ourselves in dog rescues and adoptions, and are thrilled to introduce ourselves to the world as Swamp Haven.

Left to right: Ladybug, Izzy, Ellie Mae, Earl

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