Swamp Haven is one of the best dog rescue places in the state of Florida! They are very good with communication and helping with the adoption process. The girls were extremely supportive of me even after I adopted my pups and needed some help with training or food allergies. Tori and Chelsea really love their dogs and they take such good care of them! The application process was easy, and I liked that they wanted me to do a week trial run with the pups to make sure it was a perfect fit! The bios that are posted for the dogs are very accurate to their personalities. I am so thankful for Swamp Haven for providing me the loves of my life and for being such a caring and helpful dog rescue!!

Beau and Darcey have been the lights of my life and I could never have asked for better ‘children’ than these beautiful babies.  -Caitlyn

“We couldn’t have been happier with our experience adopting Flo with the help of Tori and Chelsea. From the very beginning, their obvious love of animals and desire to be helpful made us feel that we were in the right place. They were both warm, patient and professional, as we navigated the new territory of pet adoption. They thoughtfully answered every question and responded to every concern regarding the health and history of our future (now current) family member. Flo needed to be spayed and healed before coming to us and one of these women actually took her home the first night to make sure there were no issues recovering from the surgery. They also personally escorted her to the vet so she wasn’t alone. We were very pleased when the women brought Flo over for her one week trial home visit. They checked out the house, helped Flo settle in and brought us her favorite blanket, treats and toys. Both Tori and Chelsea gave us their private cell phone numbers so that we could call or text with questions once the adoption was final. They were both thorough, efficient and positively joyful that our adoption was so successful. We love our new dog and had a great adoption experience. I would highly recommend Tori and Chelsea to anyone seeking to adopt a pet in the future.” -Marlene and John

We first met Tori and Chelsea while looking to rescue a dog through Dogtown St. Augustine. When we arrived to look at a dog that we saw on their social media, I was surprised that hardly any of the dogs that I thought were available were even there. They were all on home visits and on their way to being adopted. Even during some tough times to say the least. I think I was expecting to be able to look at multiple dogs but I’m thinking to myself, wow they are really moving fast to get these dogs rescued. Our girl Prue was still there, and although she was still way underweight and in the process of growing her hair back, we instantly fell in love.
Prue was found a stray and completely emaciated. She was hairless, scabbed over, riddled with fleas and was missing a portion of her tail, but besides that she was free of any worms and any long term skin issues. With some love and attention, she had a lot of potential to make a full recovery. When we first visited, we got to see some of the strides Prue had already made and it was very apparent to us early on that the work the girls were doing was special. They were very in tune to pairing dogs with new owners to create the best fit possible for both. The processes put in place by Tori and Chelsea to assist this “fit” is time consuming and takes care and patience and we are fortunate that they helped us find Prue. They are the best I’ve ever seen at what they do.
Since our adoption, the availability of Tori and Chelsea has been nothing short of amazing. They’ve been a text or call away this entire time. They continue to support us and offer assistance with training and health questions. The girls do it the right way and I have no doubt that our community is better due to their work.
-The Edwards Family

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