Almost two years ago, Alyssa and I started toying around with the idea of starting our own rescue. We had no idea what we were getting into, but we were full of excitement and hope that we could “be the change” we wanted to see in the world …

Today as I write this, tears hitting the keyboard, I feel nothing but deep, gut-wrenching guilt and an overwhelming sense of failure.

Yesterday (like every other day) we were tagged, emailed, called, and messaged about dogs in danger of losing their lives. I’m not talking about dogs hundreds of miles away. I’m talking about right here at home: Bradford County, Putnam County, Taylor County, Baker County, Sumter County. Just this morning Putnam County took in 11 dogs. You guys, they were already full. We pulled 4 dogs in the last two weeks, but the excitement of saving 4 lives is short-lived when their kennels are filled the next day. It seems there is no end.

I used to feel like anything could be done if you tried hard enough. Or if you cared enough. But the last year has hardened me … turned me into a cynic and a realist. If you don’t have the money, you can’t save them. If you don’t have fosters, you can’t save them. If no one is adopting the dogs you already have, you can’t save more.

Days like today, I make a point to stay off Facebook. I can’t take seeing the “no longer available” status listed above dogs who were alive and breathing yesterday. Dogs who were happy, innocent, and oblivious to what our society has planned for them. I try not to think about their last moments here. Were they scared? Were they loved at some point? Did they go peacefully? Why couldn’t we save them?

In the few minutes it took you to read this blog, 9 dogs and cats were euthanized.  That’s about 1 pet every 13 seconds. Wondering how you can help? Spay and neuter, it’s as simple as that. You can literally save hundreds of lives just by fixing the pet you already have.

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