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Male, Large, Senior

About Me

Sir Thomas of the Swamp has become our very own miracle dog. We pulled Thomas from a rural shelter when they reached out because it was believed that Thomas had lymphoma and was looking for end of life care. Thomas had been surrendered back in November when his owner died, and he had been waiting ever since. Thomas’s health and happiness steadily declined, he lost a ton of weight, and it appeared he was shutting down in the shelter. We pulled Thomas with the intention of hospice care, but after many tests, poking and prodding, we have determined that Thomas does not have lymphoma at all and is now TOTALLY HEALTHY! 

Thomas has an affectionate and sweet personailty that really shines. He will bounce around like a puppy with a toy in his mouth to greet you, but then is happy to lounge on the couch the rest of the day! He won’t even chew on the stray shoe left out, he promises! Thomas is estimated 8-10 years old and is looking to be an only dog in his home. He would LOVE a home with a fenced in yard so he can sunbath and relax. Thomas has wonderful house manners, and is crate trained. Thomas’s foster says that he is the most happy at bedtime, where he can sprawl out all over his foster’s bed, head on the pillow and all. 

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