Meet Romy

Female, Medium, Adult

About Me

Meet Romy! Romy literally makes everyone she meets fall madly in love with her. Her vet, her foster, her daycare friends, even the ladies from the animal control where she was picked up as a stray still check in on her. Every single one of them is enamored by Romy, yet Romy is still searching for a place to call forever. 

Looking for a super fun, couch cuddling, toy loving, lovebug of a dog? Romy is your gal. Romy is dog friendly, in fact she LOVES to be around other dogs. Romy can be shy, and is looking for a home to be patient with her as she builds her confidence, but even in her shyest moments she will still beg you and anyone she can for some pets. Romy’s confidence sky rockets when she is around other dogs and her ideal home would have another pup to hang out with, or a doggy friend she gets to see.

Romy is estimated around 3 years old and is 40 pounds of spunk, is crate trained and she walks like a dream on leash. 

Come adopt our favorite bratwurst!

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