Meet Robin Egg

Female, Medium, Young

About Me

Watch out world, the life of the party is COMIN THROUGH! Robin is like that first cup of coffee on a Monday morning – perfectly caffeinated and ready to help you take on the world! This goofy girl does everything with exuberance and is more than ready to have a partner in crime that’s just as jazzed about life as she is! Robin has grown (and jumped) leaps and bounds since her time in training, and we continue to be blown away by her day to day progress with basic commands, vocal cues, and all around “doggy”ness. We believe Robin had little to no interaction with humans or other animals before coming to Swamp Haven and though she’s the happiest girl ever, she didn’t have a teacher to help show her the do’s and don’t’s of what it means to be a dog. Having a patient teacher, positive reinforcement, and an active outlet has been crucial in Robin’s growth so of course her ideal home will have all of the above. If you’re interested in learning more about this big eared, long limbed, energizer bunny of cuteness, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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