Meet Molly

Female, Large, Adult

About Me

Good golly Miss Molly! This houndy lady is about 4 years old, 55 pounds, and quite literally the happiest little chickadee EVER! From the moment we met her, she was all wiggles and kisses, and not a day has gone by where she doesn’t greet us the same way. She is great with other dogs, has yet to meet a stranger, and has even been nose to nose with a cat with no reaction. We know very little about her past but we were told that Molly and her siblings were dumped somewhere overnight in poor condition (one of her siblings unfortunately didn’t survive) with a note that simply said they couldn’t be cared for anymore.

It’s obvious that Molly spent a lot of time outside – large portions of her legs, tail, and underside are stained yellow but getting whiter with each bath. She needs some guidance on leash and basic house training needs but like most hounds, she is very food motivated which makes things so much easier! Upon arrival in the shelter, it became apparent that Molly was experiencing seizures but has been seizure free since starting her meds! This simple pill every 12 hours keeps our happy girl goofy and bouncy as ever, and will cost you under 30$ a month, so don’t let that scare you away from bringing one of the most genuinley sweet dogs into your life!

If you’re interested in learning more about me, click the “adopt me” button below!

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