Meet Radar

Male, Large, Adult

About Me

Handsome Radar lived most of his life tied up and used for breeding before being turned into a rural animal shelter. We are so happy this guy has made his way to us and we are so proud to call him a Swampie. Radar has proven himself to be a total ham. Radar LOVES people more than anything and loves all the attention he can get. So much so that when he spent a day at our vet he actually busted the tip of his tail open from wagging and wiggling so much! If Radar’s kisses don’t melt your heart his loves for his stuffed animals might. Radar carries them around to say hi to everyone he can and has yet to tear one up.
Radar gets along with other dogs, but was just recently neutered, and is still learning that most dogs do not appreciate being mounted. He can get offended when another dog doesn’t appreciate his *ahem* affection.
Radar is heartworm positive and working his way through the long process of fast kill treatment. Radar will not be cleared of his heartworms for about another three weeks, and will have restrictions set in place to keep him calmer during that time. Radar is looking for a foster or *fingers crossed* a foster to adopt home where he can continue to grow and show the world his adorable antics. All care during this time including vetting and food would be covered until he is free of his heartworms.

If you’re interested in learning more about me, click the “adopt me” button below!

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