Meet Bubbles

Female, Small, Young

About Me

Bubbles is our playful, goofy girl. She loves her toys and tossing them about to catch is a favorite pastime of hers. Bubbles is the “mischievous” sister, the first one to brave exploring a new environment and to roam the house looking for things to play with, whether it be a misplaced shoe, or a hat left on the ground. Everything is a potential good time for Bubbles, and don’t we all need a friend like that in our lives?  While Bubbles is our bravest sister, she is still easily spooked, and still learning that the scary world she lived in before is not the world she lives in now. Bubbles is still learning to walk on a leash, is totally potty trained, is dog and cat friendly, just hit 1 year old and is full grown at around 35 pounds. Bubbles needs to be in a home with no young children, as a calmer home will be better for her as she learns about how wonderful being a dog can be. Bubbles is confident in the places she knows, and it doesn’t take her long to show off her spunky personality that matches her oh so spunky ears. Having furry friends boosts her confidence dramatically, and she is looking for a forever home with a doggy friend for her in it already.

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