Meet Baldwin

Male, Medium, Adult

About Me

Baldwin is a sweet, fuzzy four year old mutt we have affectionatly nicknamed hyena man. He was found as a stray heartworm postitive and basically bald. He has conquered heartworms and in the meantime has slowly been working on getting his skin and hair back to tip top shape. Baldwin is the quiet type, I cannot think of a time I have heard him bark. Even when we pulled him from the shelter and all the dogs were barking, he just sat their patiently.

Baldwin is dog and cat friendly, but prefers not to share his toys with other animals. He has no problem having toys around, he just does not want another dog to take a toy from him when he is having fun with it. Baldwin loves to play and wrestle though, and goes to daycare frequently where he is usually rolling around on the ground with the other dogs.

Baldwin is super sweet and super fun and has the cutest tip tappy feets, it makes it easy to forget how bashful Baldwin can be. Baldwin has come very far, when we first took him in he would flinch when we tried to pet him if we came in a little too quickly. Now he leans in with his body for pets! He spent some time in a foster home where loud voices or an angry swat from the cat would make him collapse to the floor sadly. Baldwin truly is the happy go lucky guy we know and love, he just needs his forever people to understand his gentle nature, and that the world is still a spooky place sometimes. Baldwin is crate and house trained, but is working on his leash manners. 

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