It started with one, Buford. We didn’t know much about Swamp Haven at first. We learned about them from friends, who had recently adopted an abandoned puppy (a momma Rose pup). We were still grieving the loss of our beagle, Mac. But it felt lonely with just one pup in the house, Belle, our beagle/basset. Then we meet Buford and our lives were changed. This goofy middle-aged couch loving lemon hound was the perfect new family member. Now it was us, Belle, and Buford.

Fast forward to December 2016, at this point we were hooked (stalking) Swamp Haven’s Facebook page. Each new picture and story of these pups being saved during their last days from area shelters pulled at the heartstrings. (And if they don’t, why are you reading this?) So while scrolling Facebook one day, up pops a picture of Indiana aka Indy aka Mika and we were hooked. But three dogs!! Swamp Haven posted her on Wednesday, she was at our house by Friday evening. And like that, we were a three dog family, Belle, Buford, and Indy. Life was grand and we were one happy pack, and then cancer. One minute Belle was here and then the next she wasn’t. Indy was lost and we were heartbroken and Buford was still on the couch. Swamp Haven reached out with their condolences and support. They know what it’s like to love and lose great dogs. We knew when we were ready, they’d help us add back to our pack.

Enter Utah aka Sonny, he favored Belle so much, we knew it was a sign. He went home with us the same day everyone met him. Including Buford, who wasn’t thrilled to be leaving his couch. So now we were back to three, Buford, Indy, and Utah. These three silly hounds that take up our couches and hearts, or so we thought.

We now jump to February 2018, when Swamp Haven reached out to ask if we could foster a young female that had been found in Jacksonville. Almost immediately we said yes, but also had reservations about becoming a foster fail. You see this sweet little Lady just fall right into place with the “States” and Buford.

Now you are thinking, no they couldn’t, that’s four, count them four dogs! Well, surprise! We are now a four dog family and you are probably thinking why. That’s easy, the answer is Swamp Haven. They care and give so much support and love to not only the current Swampies but former Swampies. They rescue some of the best dogs out there that still need a chance at life. This is the reason we have four, Buford, Indy, Utah, and Lady. Now we are officially off the list for future fosters or adoptions but our pack is worth it. We hope by sharing our story when the time is right to adopt or foster, you reach out to Swamp Haven. Give that one sweet rescue a second chance, we promise you won’t regret it.

-Sam Palmer

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