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Want a nice wintery treat for you and your best friend? Check out Chicken Soup for pups and their people courtesy of Earth Pets.


Chicken, Sweet Potato,
Carrot & Summer Squash
Ingredients – 
Whole organic chicken – 5 lbs – 6 lbs
3/4 Gal. Spring H2O…save remaining 1/4 from Gal. jug to add later
32 oz. organic carrot chips (2 bags Cali Organic Farms brand)
2 cups diced organic celery (w/ heart)
2 organic bay leaves (to be removed before serving to dogs)
1 Tbs. Sea Salt
7 fresh med sized, fresh organic sage leaves
1 tbs. dried organic thyme
1/2 cup minced organic parsley
1.5 cups cubed fresh organic sweet potato (Japanese if available)
3 small summer squash – halved and sliced
2 tbs. Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar

Instructions – 

1.)  In VERY LARGE stock pot, add 3/4 Gal. of H2O, all herbs, carrots, celery, parsley, sweet potatoes, sea salt and Bragg’s ACV….bring to a boil
2.)  While waiting to boil, quarter chicken…be sure to remove ALL RIB BONES w/ kitchen shears…discard rib cage an all small bones!
3.)  Remove all skin from chicken pieces except wings and discard.
4.)  Once water is boiling, add chicken pieces…legs, thighs, breast and wings…set to a steady, rolling boil and cook for 20-30 min while stirring occasionally…check occasionally until dark meat starts to fall off the bone.
5.)  Remove all chicken pieces and bones from pot (large pair of tongs!) and place on large pan to cool…continue slow rolling boil as chicken cool and stir occasionally.
6.)  Once chicken is cool to the touch, remove all bones, cartilage, etc.
7.)  Hand shred deboned chicken pieces and place back into pot…continue stirring occasionally at a steady rolling boil for another 30-40 min.
8.)  Use a long handled utensil such as a potato masher or soup ladle to mash larger pieces into smaller bits until soup thickens a bit…keep a rolling boil going while doing this for a few min…then stir for another 10 minutes.
9.)  Cool to touch and serve to your fuzzy buddies…and…only for us humans…separate a batch for yourself, add hot sauce, a bit more sea salt and white wine…boil for another 10 min.
10.)  Pour a big, phat’ glass of chilled Sauvignon Blanc and hope you dig it!

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Swamp Haven provides short-term care for down-on-their-luck dogs in the rural and underserved communities of Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia. Our mission is to ensure that our animals find a long-term future in their forever home. Swamp Haven is run entirely on donations by the generosity of folks like you.

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