Over the summer we partnered with Dogtown USA in St. Augustine to help a handsome Walker Hound named Carlton find his new forever.
Carlton was surrendered by his owners and lived at Dogtown for over a year. Though he did meet a few potential forever families for one reason or another Carlton just wasn’t the right fit. So, we proposed Operation H.O.W.L. (Hounds Out West League). Over the last three years, we’ve worked with the Olympic Peninsula Humane Society in Washington State to find homes for unwanted dogs here in Florida, 19 to be exact! With the help of Kindred Hearts Transport Connection, our pups are driven by volunteers across the country over 10 days and 48 transport legs. Well, Dogtown jumped at the chance to find Carlton his forever and the rest is history.
The email below is from his new person, we just had to share how much joy they’ve brought in to each other’s lives.
From St. Augustine, FL to Port Angeles, WA Carlton took the scenic route, but he’s finally home.

I am so happy to report that our sweet boy is doing wonderfully. We absolutely adore his personality, his affection, his love for letting his car ears flop on drives. We’ve taken him on many beautiful adventures. He gets lots of exercise and loves all of the other animals in our life, including being buddies with a pair of goats.
He is healthy and happy. We make a good portion of his food from scratch including some tasty salmon oil and pet kelp. He is the most popular dog nearly everywhere we go due to his beautiful coat, uniqueness and sweet nature.

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